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Compression Therapy

Graduated Compression Therapy Garments improve venous and lymphatic flow return through the circulatory system and are excellent in preventative and treatment of symptom improvement.

Me​dical conditions, profession (standing for prolonged time or sedentary for prolonged time) and level of activity can all affect the circulatory system. Compression is offered in various levels of pressure and can improve symptoms such as

  • foot & leg swelling

  • leg fatigue and/or pain

  • improve wound healing

  • prevent and/or reduce varicose veins

  • post exercise recovery

Who wears Compression?

Certified Fitting & Dispensing

Quality Canadian Compression Garments are

custom fitted to you. Choose from a wide selection of materials, colours, patterns, and lengths that best suit your needs.

Compression is offered in levels: 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg

It is advised to speak with your physician to ensure compression therapy is right for you!





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