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Basic & Advanced Foot Care  

Offering Assessment, Education and Non-Invasive Treatment Options

to Prevent or Control Specific Foot Problems.  

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Help Make Forest City Foot Care Ltd. Your Favorite Foot Care Clinic

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Forest City Foot Care Ltd. are Registered Practical Nurses Educated With Post Graduate Specialized Education in

 Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care.  

We Have the Knowledge, Skill and Ability to Provide Professional Medical Treatment For Relief of Common Foot Problems.

medical foot care

Who Needs This Service?

We Provide High-Quality Professional In-Clinic & Mobile Foot Care Services 

to Clients With Any of The Following 


Physical Deficits - unable to reach your feet? decreased hand strength?

Immunocompromised​ - Diabetic, Chemotherapy Related

Sensory Deficits - Decreased Sensation, Poor Vision

Poor Circulation

Common Foot Complications

thick nails

fungal nails

callous & corns

plantar warts

Take Care of Your Feet

Feet are the windows to our overall health, our bodies foundation! 

Foot care is an important aspect of health care often overlooked. Years of wear and tear, ill fitting shoes and common fungal infections can result in unnecessary discomfort and even self-consciousness.

Routine foot care can help prevent some serious conditions and maintain quality of life. 

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