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senior foot care

Basic Foot Care 

Proper foot care maintenance assists in prevention of serious foot conditions and maintains comfort.

how to get rid of callus

Callus &  Corns

Callus & Corns result from mechanical stress and pressure on the skin of the foot, causing the skin to try to protect itself by building up a hardened surface. Left untreated these areas can become  painful and even split.

We can advise you on a plan that  suits your needs.

plantar warts

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are caused by the hpv virus, affecting the outer layers of the skin on the plantar aspect of the feet. The virus  enters the skin through a small cut/opening of bare feet from various surfaces. Typically they are small callus like surface, but can spread and cause pain.       

Successful eradication is possible, however, the treatment plan requires commitment for best results

nail fungus

Fungal Nails

Fungal infections are the most common disease of the nails, leading to thickened, discolored and often painful nails. Treatment requires compliance of frequent debridement and application of a topical treatment to encourage healthy nail regrowth. 

Fungal Nail Treatment


We are proud to introduce the only Health Canada approved photodisinfection therapy to treat Onychomycosis (toenail fungus)

 ClearToe Light Therapy from ToeFX.

This clinically proven treatment has >80% success rate for treating toenail fungus and is safe, painless and with no side effects.

With commitment to a treatment plan, you can be fungus free!!


Call For Assessment To Begin Your Journey To Clear, Healthy Looking Nails Today!

Nail Growth Correction


Do you suffer from Ingrown or Involuted Painful Nails??

We use a revolutionary, non-invasive, pain free, safe and incredibly effective treatment to correct the nail growth.

The Onyfix System corrects the nail through physiological nail re-growth. No restrictions on activities, safe for diabetics and rapidly reduces pain.​ 

Call for a consultation to see if Onyfix is right for you, and correct the pain once and for all.


Compression Garments

compression socks

Graduated Compression Therapy Garments improve venous and lymphatic flow return through the circulatory system, and is excellent in preventative and treatment of symptom improvement.

Me​dical conditions, profession - standing for prolonged time or sedentary for prolonged time, and level of activity can all affect the circulatory system. Compression is offered in various levels of pressure and can improve symptoms such as

  • foot & leg swelling
  • leg fatigue an/or pain
  • improve wound healing
  • prevent and/or reduce varicose veins
  • post exercise recovery

Covered by Most Insurance Plans - dependent on level of compression required & with physician prescription


Licensed Nurses In Good Standing ​With the CNO

Certified In Advanced Lower Limb & Foot Care

Health & Safety

Services Provided in Accordance with Public Health Ontario and IPAC Best Practice Guidelines. Equipment & Tools Utilized Are Disposable One Time Use or Sanitized Accordingly.



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